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Is it over yet?

Man, what a beat ass month! FU August! You have left me here day after day with nothing new to play. I keep coming to this blog to write some stuff up and realize I have absolutely nothing to talk about. But I need to write posts! Why do you forsake me, August?

September should be pretty freakin awesome, especially on the PC. Spore is going to have that magic that only Will Wright can create. I posted about the character creator a few months back, and it seems like the community is just foaming at the mouth to play their creations. My girlfriend even spent a fair bit of time with it and really enjoyed putting together these bizarro creatures. I haven’t messed around with it yet, to me it’s just a tease of a game I can’t play. But it’s coming soon and I for one can’t wait. And lets not forget about the SPORN (this is completely NSFW!!!!)!

The other huge PC release of September is definitely Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. If you have been living in a cave for the last couple years WAR is the heir apparent to the more PVP minded MMORPG folks out there. It went into its first beta over a year ago and reports out of that were dismal at best. But instead of rushing the game to the market (hihi Age of Conan) they spent a full year tweaking it and fleshing it out. A new, more public phase of the beta started this past weekend for some of those that pre-ordered it. Word from folks I trust is that the game is very, very fun and it has a whole buttload of cool ideas. Everything from public quests to the sieges sound like a great time. One of the few complaints I’ve read is that the combat is slower than World of Warcraft, which I know from playing Lord of the Rings Online can be quite a hurdle to get over… but with LOTRO I eventually did get into a groove with the speed of the game and I am assuming the same will happen with WAR.

And of course beta reports from Wrath of the Lich King are popping up everywhere. It’s Blizzard though, so who knows when the thing will actually make it to the market. The expansion sounds promising though with a number of changes that should help balance the gameplay quite a bit.

But this is all the future, the present and past month have been pretty horrendous. While I am much more forgiving of Madden’s faults these days, I am actually enjoying it quite a bit, it still isn’t the football game I wanted it to be. But it never is, so no shock there. But overall the gameplay has improved, and the graphics have improved and it’s generally just a fun game to sit down and play. This is an upgrade over the last few years, for sure.

Too Human also seems to be the train wreck everyone was hoping it would be. Bland enemies, combat, environments and story mar what would otherwise be a fun loot pinata game. How did this game take so long to create? It’s the Daikatana of this generation, for sure.

And that’s about it, folks. After a stellar beginning to the year and what looks like an amazing end to the year, the doldrums of summer have lived up to their billing. I’ve been plugging away at World of Warcraft, and quite enjoying myself, and playing some Madden and some NCAA Football and still shooting fools in Battlefield: Bad Company…. so life isn’t horrible, but it’s not where it should be. Next year I implore a developer to release a big game in August, you will have the whole month to clean up sales.



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