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Airport Golden Tee: A failed Dear Games

As I sit at a window overlooking the Iowa bluffs, I continue to cough. I am weakened, diminished. Just coming off the flu, this is the last place I want to be. I am angry at myself for misreading her arrival time. I am 40 minutes early for arrival, not pick up. God only knows … Continue reading

Dear Games,

Dear Games, As I drink my vodka, sweating from the warm winter watching words off my computer, I question some things. Where the fuck are my games of madness? *Eats a nicotine pill* Why do we drown in discs of committee driven shite. Although I have had brief moments of fun in the days of … Continue reading

Missing You

Dear Games, Although I usually write you on Mondays, I found I could wait no more. I miss you my love, and I could not wait to tell you this. As I sit in an office with no windows, alone, I sit thinking of you. I am spending my life surrounded by these walls, buried … Continue reading

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