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Online play behind a paywall? Say it ain’t so, Sony

Yesterday news broke on Kotaku that Playstation Plus would be rolled into a new service called ‘Playstation World’ (or World of Playstation, depending on who you talk to) which would like include new services like the not-so-mysterious Playstation Cloud. The bombshell in this news, of course, was conjecture that online play – something that Sony … Continue reading

A new game related project

Me and a couple friends have decided to start a new blog/news site/ review site/trophy guide/rambling site based specifically on downloadable games on the Playstation Network.  Well, that is the initial focus atleast, we will also be discussing other topics when the mood strikes us.   But if you have any interest, go check it … Continue reading

Hiatus and stuff

As any of you that stumble upon this site from time to time surely have noticed, I am not really updating it anymore.   I’ve been working overtime every week, and just not feeling the need to write as much.  I hope to someday soon get back on this horse and continue to post…  I will … Continue reading

Socom Confrontation: In depth hands on

Many long time readers of the blog have heard me state over and over my love for Socom 1 and 2.   I have definitely anticipated Socom: Confrontation but I’ve also had my doubts and fears about the project. For the unintiated, Socom is a 3rd person tactical shooter.  It offers a high amount of realism … Continue reading

And then there comes that day… A love story by Famous “nerdgasm” Mortimer

I had reached a point where I just completely had it with girls. “Girls are dumb and mean!” I would yell at complete strangers. “They just want to control me!” I would post on random internet message boards. “Sorry, I can’t play Madden tonight, the girlfriend won’t let me” I would tell my internet nerd … Continue reading

The Top 9 Games of 08, thus far…

I like lists. Lists are fun, they are usually a good read also, though one hardly ever agrees with them. But maybe that is the fun in them, that as a reader you are constantly going “well I would put this here, and that there, and this dude is a freakin’ idiot.” So, first, I … Continue reading

The Ten Commandments of online console shooter design

1.  Assume the worst about your player base. Anyone who has played online games of any form know that the majority of the people you play with are idiots.   Not only are they idiots, but they will do anything and everything to cheat, glitch or otherwise mess with scoring system or ranking system of any … Continue reading

Want vs Need

So I am in a conundrum right now as to how to spend my money, while at the same time, not wanting to spend my money at all.   I have 3 video game related issues that need taking care of. 1.  My Pentium 4 computer just doesn’t cut it anymore.  I would really, really, really … Continue reading

The TOP 5 Shooters out now as decided by me, a bottle of klonopin and a group of highly trained hampsters

5.  Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 (360/PS3/PC) – The rainbow 6 franchise for me always makes me a little bit sad, because I’ve been playing it since the first one was released on the PC.  The old R6 games were very strategy heavy and very realistic (well, for the time).  As the series pushed forward it’s … Continue reading

Over a month later and only 30% complete: The ULTIMATE GTA 4 REVIEW OMG THIS REVIEW IS CRAZY AWESOME

One thing that has bothered me about video game journalism, especially over the last couple years, is that I find myself rarely agreeing with reviewers. I mean, sure, there are games like Call of Duty 4 that get amazing reviews and then I play it and I think it’s amazing also. But stuff like that … Continue reading

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