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Total Conjecture: What I would love to see Sony do with the Vita in the near and long term.

News broke late last night that the rumored deal to buy Gaikai had finally gone through. The ramifications of this are huge, of course, if Sony uses the technology to it’s fullest.  But this is Sony we’re talking about, so let’s not hold our breath.  But long before the Gaikai thing became real (by long … Continue reading

Editorial and Review – Stardrone Extreme and reviewing cheap games

When reviewing a game I’m trying to decide (and describe) its worth. This is a nearly impossible thing to quantify as game prices fluctuate and the income of consumers are varied. So while $50 for Uncharted: Golden Abyss may seem high to me, it may seem like peanuts to someone who makes far more money … Continue reading

Hero Academy Strategy (Part 2)

Though not a Vita game (yet… you hear me Robot Entertainment?!!?), Hero Academy is absolutely awesome and exactly the asynchronous style game that the Vita needs more of.  This is a follow up to my first video which can be seen here.  A third video should be coming shortly.

For Your Viewing: Dungeon Hunters Alliance (iOS vs PS3 vs Vita)

I take a look at one of the most controversial launch titles in terms of ‘why the heck does this cost $40?’ I don’t reach any conclusions other than ‘because they can’ but I do rumble my way through the same section in all three games and even show the vita and ps3 side by … Continue reading

For Your Viewing: Hero Academy (beginner strategies)

One of the best asynchronous games around. I really hope the Vita picks up titles like this. Here are some newb strats to get you started.

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