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A short word on the future of the FyFYI Podcast

I have a hard time sitting still.  This is evident in the podcast where you can hear me moving towards and away from the mic.  And it’s evident in how the podcast has operated over the last 150 episodes with rotating cast members that can’t deal with me because I’m a hyper 12-year-old.  And (un)lucky … Continue reading

2 months of hype, 12 hours of Vita

This morning as I was driving from New York City to the medium sized suburb in Connecticut I live in (Branford, if you want to find me on Near) I was trying to reasonably extract what my expectations were for the Vita out of the completely insane hype i’ve had for it in my head, … Continue reading

Dungeon Defenders newb starter guide

I’ve loved Dungeon Defenders for well over a year now.  Ever since former co-host Billybillblack caught wind of it and said something along the lines of “check out this game, this is a pete game all the way” I’ve been obsessed.  In fact after reading the concept behind the game I went to Trendy Entertainment’s … Continue reading

A Demon’s Souls guide for newbies

Why this exists: If you listen to the show you are aware that I recently took another crack at Demon’s Souls after giving up around the 15 hour mark when the game initially came out.  A huge reason that I am enjoying it more is that I am successfully making my way through the game … Continue reading

Numblast? More like Facial Blast!

Operation Flashpoint Impressions

So, Operation Flashpoint. Wow. If you were ever a fan of the original Ghost Recon games on the xbox/PC, you should really at least rent this game.  If your idea of a military shooter consists of Halo and CoD alone, consider these things: -no jumping -health doesn’t regenerate. You may apply field dressing to stop … Continue reading

Trash Panic Review


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