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Blink 182 Limited Edition Poster

My fiance, Eryn and I went to two Blink 182 concerts this summer.  Every show they have 35 limited edition posters.  We got one of them.  Every poster is numbered.  We have 966 of 1800.  We went to the Mansfield MA and the Hartford CT shows. Advertisements


This is out for the wii. I am driving to Gamespot and ….whaaat? I need to find this. Dammit. They better have this… where I found it

Made me think of Mort

Thinking of you Pete. Head over to Penny Arcade to read the usual rant.

Where We Podcast: Part 1 of 3

We have recently been flooded with emails wondering about our podcasting setups. Literally thousands of you interweb people have requested pictures of our humble home studios. I asked myself, “who am I to deny the good people of the virtual fanscape their most gracious gifts. Although here and now I speak for myself, but I … Continue reading

Airport Golden Tee: A failed Dear Games

As I sit at a window overlooking the Iowa bluffs, I continue to cough. I am weakened, diminished. Just coming off the flu, this is the last place I want to be. I am angry at myself for misreading her arrival time. I am 40 minutes early for arrival, not pick up. God only knows … Continue reading

Dear Games,

Dear Games, As I drink my vodka, sweating from the warm winter watching words off my computer, I question some things. Where the fuck are my games of madness? *Eats a nicotine pill* Why do we drown in discs of committee driven shite. Although I have had brief moments of fun in the days of … Continue reading

Killzone 2 invades the PS3 to mixed fanfare

There is no denying that Killzone 2 is the big budget, space marine  shooter that the PS3 needed as an answer to the 360’s Halo and Gears of War franchises.   And on that front, just in my short playtime, it has delivered.   The problem is that it may be just a little bit … Continue reading


WHERE IS THE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA GAME? I admit, I am new to the Battlestar universe. I queue’d the first disc on Netflix only a couple months ago. Being an immense Star Trek nerd, I have heard the praises of BG for some time. “What,” they would say, “you don’t watch BG?” Sadly, I always answered, … Continue reading

Awaiting 2/26’s Releases… (which never showed up)

Update 3: Today the folks at Sony graced us with NO PSN games.  None.   There is a PSP game, but no PSN games.   My tinfoil hat theory is that they want *NOTHING* getting in the way of tomorrow’s Killzone 2 release.   Even to the extent of a $10 download.    I may … Continue reading

Whatsa happenin’ now?

This site is currently under construction.   What we are hoping for it to be is a place where we can write about the games we are playing.  Both DickyJ and I are trophy whores.  Me more so because I didn’t just have a kid and I’m not married.  GO ME!   Between the two … Continue reading

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