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Magic Ball: Wicked Witch Expansion Trophy Guide and List

[Wicked Witches] EE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!! Complete ‘Wicked Witches’ Episode .   Beat all the levels.  Duh. [Wicked Witches] 50 in a Row Complete 50 Levels in a Row.   Start at the beginning of the pirates levels and this should be pretty easy for most veterans. [Wicked Witches] More Points Than You’ll Ever Need Score 2,000,000 points.    Should be … Continue reading

Magic Ball: Trophy Guide and List

(Bronze)ARRR! Complete ‘Plundering Pirates’ Episode Beat the first episode, which is 24 levels. (Bronze)NI! Complete ‘Naughty Knights’ Episode Beat the second episode, which is also 24 levels, which gets unlocked after beating the Pirates one. (Bronze)10 in a Row Complete 10 Levels in a Row Complete 10 levels in a row.   The first 10 … Continue reading

Age of Booty: Trophy List and Guide

(Bronze)Cartographer Create and save a custom map. (Bronze)Bombs Away Destroy a neutral or enemy town’s defense with a bomb. I believe this one simply requires you to actually destroy the town with the bomb blast. So wait until the town is low in health and them hit em. If you are attacking at the same … Continue reading

Watchmen: Trophy List and Guide

(Gold)Teamwork Complete the game in co-op mode. You need a second controller and a friend. Unless you can play with 2 sticks at once. Which would mean you are a porn star. (Silver)Psycho Complete the game in Rorschach mode. Which simply means beat the game with Rorschach (Silver)Hero Complete the game in Nite Owl mode. … Continue reading

Killzone 2 Trophy List and Guide

(Bronze)Corinth Ribbon Complete Corinth River on any difficulty level If you play the campaign you cannot miss this. (Bronze)Blood Ribbon Complete Blood Meridian on any difficulty level Same deal. (Bronze)Visari Ribbon Complete Visari Square on any difficulty level Keep playing that campaign. (Bronze)Salamun Ribbon Complete Salamun District on any difficulty level Keep going! (Bronze)Bridge Ribbon … Continue reading

View your trophies from anywhere

If you log into Playstation.com today, you might notice something different in your profile. You can now review all of your glorious trophies from your computer while you should be working. Similar to what I have been doing for the last 10 minutes. My only question is when can I look at Mort’s so that … Continue reading

High Velocity Bowling Trophy List – If you need a guide then you are an idiot, it’s freaking bowling.

(Silver)75 Strikes Accumulate 75 strikes in online play. (Silver)25 Wins Win 25 or more games in online play. (Silver)5000 Pins Accumulate a total of 5000 pins knocked down in online play. (Silver)Score 250 Score 250 or better in an online game. (Bronze)3 Games Complete 3 full games in online play. (Bronze)1 Win Win a single … Continue reading

Lumines Supernova – Trophy Guide and List

(Bronze)Basic 3 Unlock 3 skins in Challenge Mode “Basic”. Clear the third level on Challenge Mode “Basic”. (Bronze)Basic 10 Unlock 10 skins in Challenge Mode “Basic”. Clear the tenth level on Challenge Mode “Basic”. (Bronze)Advance 10 Unlock 10 skins in Challenge Mode “Advance”. Clear the tenth level on Challenge Mode “Advance”. (Bronze)Time Attack 50 Score … Continue reading

Zuma Trophy List and Guide

(Bronze)Aces High Ace time on 3 straight levels Each level has a set time that you can be crowned an “Ace” for beating. This time appears before each level starts. (Bronze)Consecutive Consistency Quick reactions and steady aim let you hit 20 straight chains Chains are when you delete groups of balls with consecutive shots. 20 … Continue reading

Burn Zombie Burn Trophy List

I’m not too certain on the correct rank of all the trophies but this is the best I can assume without further info. (Bronze)Extinction 100,000 Zombies killed. (Bronze)Paint The Town Red Fill the screen with the maximum amount of blood on any level. (Bronze)Red Shirt Kill the away team Zombie. (Bronze)Hot To Trot Last 30 … Continue reading

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