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(a)Final Fantasy XIII-2(review)

A Six Movement Symphony. Before purchasing Final Fantasy XIII-2 there are a litany of questions you need to answer. Unlike the JRPG golden age the roleplaying landscape has shifted incontrovertibly towards a more action (and western) oriented fare that is lighter on story but deeper in the worlds they create. Even in Japan and greater … Continue reading

A Newb’s Guide to MAG 2.0 in the key of MOVE

Quick note:  This is a work in progress and I will try to update it as Zipper updates the game.  Right now is the first draft and it’s 5am and I know there are errors in there, feel free to point them out, and I will fix them.  Thanks! Intro: If you listen to the … Continue reading

Need For Speed Shift – A photo-essay in the key of iPhone

Sometime this weekend or early next week our latest podcast should be out where I go insane about how much I am loving Need for Speed: Shift.   Top to bottom it is a very fun and addicting game.   It features a number of cars and one of them happens to be the Honda S2000.   As … Continue reading

New Editor

Hello fellow nerds.  I am a new Editor here on the site.  I am really excited about being here and getting new information to all of you.  You will see me posting a bunch of reviews in the coming weeks as well as some Hands On impressions.  Next week I am going to a Convention … Continue reading

KILLZONE 2 review – A week in Helghan

I like playing shooters, but I try to not look at them. Halo is too shiny and colorful with art direction that mixes G.I. Joe with Battle Beasts. Gears of War seems to take design tips from Iron Maiden album covers. And Call of Duty lays down realism when all I want is a space gun. Enter KILLZONE 2. … Continue reading

Watchmen: The end is Nigh

There have been many comic book games in recent years. Some were good, most were bad. Who could forget the amazing times we had with winners like Superman or the wonderful Spiderman 3 movie game. These games were so terrible, that even the most devoted achievement/trophy whores couldn’t finish more than 20 minutes. With this … Continue reading

Killzone 2 invades the PS3 to mixed fanfare

There is no denying that Killzone 2 is the big budget, space marine  shooter that the PS3 needed as an answer to the 360’s Halo and Gears of War franchises.   And on that front, just in my short playtime, it has delivered.   The problem is that it may be just a little bit … Continue reading

Burnout Paradise Review: This is too easy

The game is freaking wonderful! If you haven’t bought it yet then you are a fool. Done. Ok, not really. I’ve never played any other Burnout games. I saw Paradise and didn’t think it was a big deal. Open world racing? Sounds like GTA, no thanks. It released on PSN and I figured that meant … Continue reading

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