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SOCOM Confrontation Review

Game: SOCOM: Confrontation Platform: Playstation 3 Release Date: October 14, 2008 Developer: Slant Six ————————————————————————————— Note: I did NOT want to review this game till all the features that were promised were in it. When I first heard that SOCOM was finally coming to the Playstation 3, my first reaction was, “Finally I can put … Continue reading

Zen Pinball Impression

The quality of mine is quite poor, my normal video recording software doesn’t work with windows 7,  but here is my video take. -Mort

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix – Twenty dollars worth of moving sideways

After a few months of exclusivity on the PC and the DS, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix has finally made its way onto the PSN.  It is a welcome sight, to be sure, especially considering the lack of any sort of release on the network in the last few weeks.   And it also doesn’t hurt that PQG … Continue reading

Comet Crash review – Tower Offense?

As the resident Tower Defense nerd, I instantly took a liking to Comet Crash.   The graphics aren’t much more complex than what a semi-talented 12 year old could pull off with Flash, but the gameplay takes the genre forward in pretty interesting ways. What sets Comet Crash apart from most tower defense games is that … Continue reading

Wheel of Fortune Review: Regression Through Unlearning

Wheel of Fortune is one of those games. You know, the one where most people already know if they want it or not. Pretty much anyone over the age of 15 is going to know exactly what to expect with this title. Spinning wheel, word puzzles, Pat Sajak and Vanna White. Are they still doing … Continue reading

Astro Tripper review – Smash your controller into your TV type fun

Astro Tripper is a 2D space shooter on a 3D plain. It’s a real throw back to the arcade days. I could see this game sucking quarters out of my pocket because it’s so hard. No joke, I failed the tutorial 5 times. It’s really tough. The thing that made this game difficult for me … Continue reading

Age of Booty review – Not a Ratchet & Clank game

When I was 11 years old, a doctor told me it would take unusual force to break one of my bones. He said I could play harder than the boys at school, and when I got older, I could take on more strenuous work. But in 1989 the Gameboy came out, so I couldn’t be bothered. … Continue reading

Watchmen: The end is Nigh

There have been many comic book games in recent years. Some were good, most were bad. Who could forget the amazing times we had with winners like Superman or the wonderful Spiderman 3 movie game. These games were so terrible, that even the most devoted achievement/trophy whores couldn’t finish more than 20 minutes. With this … Continue reading

Taking a break from Technology – The intro

Well hello fellow gamers. My name is John, and i have been pulled from my exciting life of hanging out with my two cats and eBay to do some writing on this here site. What is it I’m going to be writing about? Well, look at the title. What does it mean? I’m here to … Continue reading

High Velocity Bowling – This review is more offensive than the game is, somehow.

What follows is an AIM conversation between me (famousmortimer) and DickyJ after playing this game online in a best of three series.   We both have played it offline and with random people online before this. Famousmortimer(12:38:38 AM): So, what were your thoughts of HVB before we played our first game? DickyJ(12:39:11 AM): What’s a good way … Continue reading

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