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PixelJunk 1-4 Wants You!

Doood! You have until May 11 (Japan time) to give this game a name. The next PixelJunk joint is looking fierce–meaning better and less pretentious than Eden. The link below takes you to the contest’s front-end where the PixelJunk gang puts you in the proper state of mind via pages of description, screenshots and video. It all feels like flipping through a … Continue reading

The Bitter Taste of Outrun

A week-and-a-half ago North American PS3 owners got the shaft. Sega’s Outrun Online Arcade was made available for Xbox 360 and European PS3 owners. The yanks still loyal to Sony need not apply. Whether it was Microsoft at the helm of this decision or Sony just not caring enough to put this arcade drifter in American hands, … Continue reading

Two games out today…

Both the world war II shooter Red Baron and arcade shooter Astro Tripper were released on the PSN tonight.  Red Baron has a demo available and costs $10.   Astro Tripper doesn’t have a demo, but it’s only a cool $5.   We will have impressions, trophy lists and full reviews coming for both games … Continue reading

Patch 1.41 coming to Socom: Confrontation on Monday. Killzone 2 patched today!

  Over at Socom.com they announced that patch 1.41 will be releasing Monday to coincide with the release of the game in Europe early Monday morning.   It’s not nearly as huge a patch as 1.3 was, but it does contain some important fixes.    Here’s the notes from their blog:   XMB presence – … Continue reading

What Thursday will hold…

Earlier today Capcom finally released the trophy patch for Age of Booty.   I am personally excited about this because I’ve been holding off on playing the game until the patch was released, thinking that was going to happen months ago.   But anyway, it’s finally here. Watchmen: The End if Nigh and Puzzle Quest: … Continue reading

Try out Puzzle Quest Galactrix demo now!

This is a good sneak peak of what to expect when this game finally drops. It’s a Flash demo that is definately worth trying out. http://www.playpuzzlequestgalactrix.com/

Burn Zombie Burn Trophy List

I’m not too certain on the correct rank of all the trophies but this is the best I can assume without further info. (Bronze)Extinction 100,000 Zombies killed. (Bronze)Paint The Town Red Fill the screen with the maximum amount of blood on any level. (Bronze)Red Shirt Kill the away team Zombie. (Bronze)Hot To Trot Last 30 … Continue reading

Awaiting 2/26’s Releases… (which never showed up)

Update 3: Today the folks at Sony graced us with NO PSN games.  None.   There is a PSP game, but no PSN games.   My tinfoil hat theory is that they want *NOTHING* getting in the way of tomorrow’s Killzone 2 release.   Even to the extent of a $10 download.    I may … Continue reading

Out on the PSN today – Noby Noby Boy and Zuma

The absolutely bizarre Noby Noby Boy and the tried and true puzzler Zuma were released on the PSN this evening.   Check back here shortly for impressions on both games, and in the coming days for full reviews and possibly trophy guides.   Update:  Quick Zuma impressions   Zuma is Zuma.  That’s both good and … Continue reading

Flower debuts on the PSN

Flower, the long awaited new game by ThatGameCompany, was released this thursday as the start of Sony’s Spring Fever PSN event which promises to be loaded with tons of great games to help us ignore that fact that we are buried under 20 feet of snow. Flower is barely a game, but is definitely the … Continue reading

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