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PSP games on the Vita (UPDATED 7/26/12 with FFIV Complete + 3 more)

Update #1: Added 6 of the Atlus 50% games. Update #2: Added 1 more Atlus sale game and  2 others. Update #3: Added Persona 2/3, Killzone, Daxter and more. Update #4: Added GTA:CW, Castlevania, Monster Hunter, Valkyria Chronicles 2 and more. Update #5: Wizorb added (below PSP games) Update #6: FFIV, Dead Head Fred, Ys … Continue reading

A letter from the curator 7/9/12

Vita-pals! Even though the release schedule for the Vita has been pretty dire lately this site has been cranking and I just wanted to take a little time to thank you all and keep everyone up to date with what’s going on around here.  I think the reason this site is doing well isn’t necessarily … Continue reading

Total Conjecture: What I would love to see Sony do with the Vita in the near and long term.

News broke late last night that the rumored deal to buy Gaikai had finally gone through. The ramifications of this are huge, of course, if Sony uses the technology to it’s fullest.  But this is Sony we’re talking about, so let’s not hold our breath.  But long before the Gaikai thing became real (by long … Continue reading

(Behind) Why My Vita Hype? (Plus the video, of course)

The relatively simple idea of this video came to me about a week ago. I try not to be a bitter person, in fact i perceive myself as a bit of an optimist, but there’s only so much “The Vita has no games” that a man can take before he wants to fling himself out … Continue reading

A comprehensive and spin-free breakdown of system launches since 2004

We have one more week of releases until the Vita has hit the 4 month mark in the US a few days later (June 22nd, of course).  During this time we’ve seen a fair amount of “VITA HAS NO GAMES” by clever folks on the internet who like to parrot lines without using their brains. … Continue reading

For Your Vita Hype E3 Live Blog

8:30pm Eastern (show starts at 9pm) Hey guys.  Im just getting setup now.  I have multiple windows open.  Im playing my moves in Pure Chess.  I’m being a snarky dick on twitter.  It’s good stuff. I’m going to try to update this thread several times through the conference.  If you are following the twitter stream … Continue reading

|For Your Inbox| #2

Pete: This week we have Rich Grisham of GamesRadar  (among other things) and host of the excellent Box Score podcast. Thanks for joining us Rich. I guess we can start with something right in your wheelhouse – sports games on the Vita. Virtua Tennis 4, Hot Shots Golf: World Tour, FIFA, and MLB 12: The … Continue reading

|For Your Inbox| #1

In the first of a new weekly column, the three folks behind For Your Vita Hype:  Pete (content), Mik (art), Camus (editorial) discuss related topics in a laid-back, conversational way.  In the coming weeks we hope to get more reader feedback into the mix.  But this week we start with Pete’s failings as a speedy … Continue reading

For Your Viewing: Final Fantasy IV Complete/The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (PSP games on the Vita)

I switched gears a little bit and decided to take a look at a couple of PSP JRPGs on the wonderful Vita screen.  I went with a remake of a classic in FFIV and a more modern soon to be classic in Trails in the Sky.  I did make the mistake of recording the video … Continue reading

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