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Gas: I just went to NYC and farted a lot.

Farting a lot is something that I’ve always done but lately my gas has all but gone away because of my healthier diet. This morning of flatulence wasn’t NYC’s fault though, I was the one that drank all night, and I was the one that decided to cheat on my low-carb diet the next morning. … Continue reading

Thiry One

Today I turn 31. THIRTY ONE. I’m not thrilled. I’m off to the big New York Apple Gotham City. So the blog will be without life this weekened.

I don’t want to eat you, cute little piggy with a family, but you taste soooooooo goooooooood.

It’s like a cruel joke. We are put on this planet, we are in charge, we have to care for it but also care for ourselves, so we tend to exploit it. Raping the land for all it’s worth is certainly on the agenda of a certain sect of people, but in general I think … Continue reading

Ron Paul Will Win

Ron Paul will win. You heard it here, folks. Don’t worry about McCain already cinching up the nomination. Don’t worry about Obama’s late surge tonight on Hillary in Indiana, home of the famous White (n-word). Nope, Ron Paul will win. It’s pure science. Math and science. Scientific Dinosaur. Scientific Dinosaurs with jetpacks and laser bombs. … Continue reading

How big is this mess? Lets invent!

As I’ve stated previously, I think the democrats have already lost this election. I am hoping I am wrong, I am hoping I have jumped the gun, but the realist in me tells me otherwise. The simple fact of the matter is that Hillary supporters hate Obama supporters and Obama supporters hate Hillary supporters. This … Continue reading

Moving up in the world

I am in the process of moving in with the ladyfriend, something that is exciting and will hopefully be enjoyable. But the next few days will be the really unenjoyable part: the move. I am still going to try to post, but my time will be cut down for a few days. So the thing … Continue reading

Money, Money, Money, Money…. MONEYYYY MOONNNEEEYYYY (or compliments, those are nice too)

I’m not even gonna wait to link to it. Would you rather be praised or paid? is one of the best HMB lenses yet. It’s wonderfully simple, yet you can spend the rest of your life thinking about the answer of the question. The basic premise is would you prefer hearing praise for something you … Continue reading

The Final Cylon

I never make blog posts with serious tittles, I like to have some fun. In fact sometimes I even make the title first and then base the post off of that. But some things are dead fracking serious. And figuring out who the final Cylon is on board the Battlestar Galactica is about as serious … Continue reading

lol this is a blog post about a HMB lens lol

I think anyone has spent enough time on the internet has thought to themselves “self, why da eff does everyone use LOL when they aren’t actually laughing out loud?” And, in the end, we don’t know. But we keep on doing it. Well, I am super smart, and I do know why we do it. … Continue reading

Sticking it to the man

I love sports. I do. Sometimes liking them got me involved with people I didn’t particularly care for. Like, in high school, all of the jocks were dipshits. I hated them. But I still played basketball with them, or a pickup game of football. It brought us together, if just for that short period of … Continue reading

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