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A Victory for Physical Media Doesn’t Have to be a Loss for Digital Innovation

I think it’s safe to say that I feel pretty happy with how the last few weeks have worked out in this hobby so many of us love so much. I won’t spend much time rekindling the story, we all lived through it. In short, I made a thread at NeoGAF, people responded, Sony listened, Microsoft didn’t, Sony … Continue reading

A short word on the future of the FyFYI Podcast

I have a hard time sitting still.  This is evident in the podcast where you can hear me moving towards and away from the mic.  And it’s evident in how the podcast has operated over the last 150 episodes with rotating cast members that can’t deal with me because I’m a hyper 12-year-old.  And (un)lucky … Continue reading

Two steps forward, one step back, 999 steps to go: A deeper look into the Playstation Vita launch

You know the start of Jerry Maguire (I know, I know) where Jerry has this epiphany and feels the need to share it with his sports agent company even though it flies in the face of everything that company stands for (we are good but WE CAN BE SO MUCH BETTER!!!)?  That’s how I feel … Continue reading

Deconstructing Videogame Fanboyism (mostly my own)

I’ve been in a shitty mood for two days.  I’m not exactly sure why, and it’s not a catastrophic shitty mood.  I can still enjoy things.  Dark Souls is still fun.  Dungeon Defenders is still filling me with joy.  But even when i feel the joy there is this lingering feeling of dread, doubt and … Continue reading

There’s always something wrong #1: DLC and how Sony hates to take our money

Just a quick intro here, I plan on doing a regular column and this would be the first one.   The name and theme comes from a gamer buddy of mine named Wilk5280 who lamented after playing MLB 09 online (it’s terribly laggy – unplayable really)  “Man, there is always ONE THING WRONG with every … Continue reading

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