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FyFYI Episode 163 – Proper Assassinations

This week Pete and James get hyped for Hitman, go in depth about what works and what doesn’t in Assassin’s Creed 3 and Liberation, they ponder the future of compartmentalizing the world into lists, a little bit of LittleBigPlanet Karting is discussed and listener tweets are answered in scientific detail. Stream here people. You can … Continue reading

The Doddcast Podcast Episode 2: Windy Night at the Point

  The Obama apocalypse, crackheads smoking crack, black people won’t kill white people – probably, the fire department came to our house and saw our purple friend, funny arnee work stories.  Apologies for the constant wind noise 😦 Have some from the tap or Check us out on iTunes

FYFYI Episode 100

What can we say? Its Episode 100. Stream here people. You can also grab it off of iTunes. Reach us at:  FYIFeedback@gmail.com Check Platform Nation We have a little forum on The Fanboys Site! Pete’s Twitter Billy’s Twitter

FyFYI Episode 92: New York, North Cakalaka and Compton

On the eve of the greatest release day in petedodd history, Pete and Bill delve into the weird world of watching TV together over the internet and then touch on Castlevania for a quick second just to make sure it’s still awesome.  The Witcher 2 may be what Dragon Age 2 ain’t.  Pete and Dangerwife … Continue reading

PSNerds Episode 68 – Bill loves Bungie

Episode 68 –  Bill loves Bungie In this week’s episode Pete digs into Enslaved and Castlevania and is pretty darn happy with them.  Bill, after losing 900 rounds of Connect 4 in a row, takes the gloves off and goes for Bungie’s jugular.  Twitterers are untwittered.  Pete still has a serious mancrush on the Move … Continue reading

Episode 64: Women and Homosexuals First

In this (also long) episode:  A TON of Mafia 2 talk.  A touch of Kane and Lynch 2.   Pete and Billy both want to lessen their piles of shame and look towards the fall.  Shank/Scott Pilgram/Castle Crashers punch their way into our hearts with varying success.   The lack of downloadable RPGs makes billy … Continue reading

PSNerds podcast promo video


PSNerds Episode 49: Alan is sleeping

PSNerds Episode 49: Alan is sleeping This week, Billy sat on the mute and missed  Pete’s Alan Wake info. We did get in a bit of Red Dead though. Stream here people. You can also grab it off of iTunes. Check us out live, on Wednesday’s at 9 est. We have a little forum on … Continue reading

PSNerds Live | TONIGHT! | 3-24-10 at 9pm Eastern

The PSNerds have officially joined Gamercorp, a new site that will be hosting live podcasts every night of the week.   We, the nerds of PS, will be on Wednesday nights at 9pm Eastern.   Not only will we be live but we will have video! So head over to Gamercorp and check us and the rest … Continue reading

Episode 35: Lost Mass Busters

Episode 35: Lost Mass Busters In this episode: Pete buys Ghostbusters, we debut our TVNerds segment, MW2, randoms, and we do talk about Mass Effect 2. Stream here people. You can also grab it off of iTunes. We have a little forum on The Fanboys Site! Pete’s Twitter Billy’s Twitter

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