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How to queue and play queued levels in Sound Shapes

I’ve made a pretty straight forward walkthrough on how the rather confusing queuing system works in sound shapes.  Check it out.     Advertisements

Video: New Releases 7/24 – Foosball 2012 and Puddle

Finally!  After a month of absolutely nothing we have two new Vita games.  Foosball isn’t a barn burner but it’s cheap and fun.  Puddle, early on, has the makings to be pretty special.  Take a look!

PSP games on the Vita (UPDATED 7/26/12 with FFIV Complete + 3 more)

Update #1: Added 6 of the Atlus 50% games. Update #2: Added 1 more Atlus sale game and  2 others. Update #3: Added Persona 2/3, Killzone, Daxter and more. Update #4: Added GTA:CW, Castlevania, Monster Hunter, Valkyria Chronicles 2 and more. Update #5: Wizorb added (below PSP games) Update #6: FFIV, Dead Head Fred, Ys … Continue reading

For your Video Blog #2: VIDEOGAMES!

This is 99% ps3 talk as that’s what I can show with my streaming equipment. But if you care about such things, games discussed (and sometimes shown) include LittleBigPlanet Karting, Resonance of Fate, Starhawk and LOTR: War in the North. If you like it click through and comment or give me the thumb.

(Behind) Why My Vita Hype? (Plus the video, of course)

The relatively simple idea of this video came to me about a week ago. I try not to be a bitter person, in fact i perceive myself as a bit of an optimist, but there’s only so much “The Vita has no games” that a man can take before he wants to fling himself out … Continue reading

For your Viewing: LittleBigPlanet Vita beta (day one)

After playing one level I decided to turn on the camera as I explored what the game has to offer.  As is expected so early in a beta there isn’t much beyond short proof of concept levels or just general crap.  But some of the stuff shows an insane amount of promise.  Take a look! … Continue reading

For your viewing – Mortal Kombat

Today I take a (quite long) look at the just released Mortal Kombat.  I check out arcade mode, story mode (including 5 minutes of cutscenes which I let you know when to skip if you don’t care), the Vita exclusive challenge tower and a match of online play. There are some major interlacing problems with … Continue reading

Five(+) more minutes with Ridge Racer (New DLC Track)

Ridge Racer, while not scoring particularly well for fairly obvious reasons – is staying near the top of my playlist despite itself.  This week the first track of the “Gold Pass” was released and I take a look at it here. The audio quality is crap and i accidentaly chopped the end off.  Lets call … Continue reading

For Your Viewing – Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

Mutant Blobs Attack was reviewed a while back but I recently realized we had no video up of this wonderful title.  The video shows off one level about halfway through the game which shows off a lot of the different gameplay elementes MBA has to offer.

For Your Viewing: Stardrone Extreme

Today we take a look at the new $4 (USD) game Stardrone Extreme.  It’s a simple, smartphone-like experience that may turn some off but if you dig into it there is some fun to be had. Have a look and decide for yourself.    

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