We shouldn’t be allowed to have webcams.

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Hoard (PSN): Take a peek at the action strategy game that costs too much to buy on a whim

Just about everyone on my friends list that has seen me playing Hoard has taken the time to ask me how it is.  As nerds, we like action strategy games with castles and dragons and knights and farms and towns and crap.  But as people existing in a world where a 99 cent iPhone game … Continue reading

Use an Xbox 360 controller on the PS3 with the XCM Crossbattle Adapter 2.0

I recently picked up this XCM Crossbattle Adapter 2.0 which allows you to use a 360 controller on a ps3. Thus far I’ve only tested it with the stock 360 wired controller (it has to be wired, doesn’t work with the wireless) and the Capcom 360 Super Street Fighter 4 fight pad. Both work flawlessly. … Continue reading

Crappy iPhone photos of Socom patch 1.5 changes

The whole time I was sitting here snapping pictures of such boring things as menus and whatnot my fiance was sitting next to me calling me a nerd.  I took this abuse for you!  I took the pics with my iphone, so they are crappy at best, but I tried to snap shots of everything … Continue reading

Sacred 2 video impressions – 9 minutes of holy-crap-mort-get-a-better-webcam excitement!

Sacred 2 is exactly what it should be.   It is a sprawling open world western action RPG.   The world is absurdly huge, the graphics are great, the combat is good (it’s not God of War good…  but it’s a step over the baldur’s gate’s of yesteryear).  It has a trillion quests and awesome class diversity.  … Continue reading

Zen Pinball Impression

The quality of mine is quite poor, my normal video recording software doesn’t work with windows 7,  but here is my video take. -Mort

Drake is upset

Well, what do you want me to tell him? Tell him I said his new goatee is pathetic. =DRUNK…. =CONCERNED….

Downloading Burnout

My thoughts on downloading Burnout Paradise off the Playstation Network. And famousmortimer with the video rebuttal. … I’ll take your …  and raise you ……… ! I raise a freaking Data.

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