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Back in action!

Sorry for the long disappearance of any life on this blog.   It was basically the perfect storm of my computer exploding, my PS3 exploding, my 360 exploding and one of my co-worker’s face exploding resulting in me working 45-50 hours per week for the last month (I usually work 36…  and most of those are … Continue reading

Endangered Species

There are very few things in this world I am a minority in. I am a white male, from the suburbs of Connecticut, from a middle class family that is fairly religious. From all accounts, I have it made. This, of course, has led to my great white guilt and subsequent liberal views on the … Continue reading

Demo Mania!!11!!

Well, as I alluded to yesterday, there isn’t jack to play right now. My girlfriend’s brother let me borrow The Bourne Conspiracy for the Xbox 360. I haven’t thrown that in yet but I plan to later today. Also, Sony dropped the new download only Ratchet and Clank game on the PSN and I downloaded … Continue reading

Is it over yet?

Man, what a beat ass month! FU August! You have left me here day after day with nothing new to play. I keep coming to this blog to write some stuff up and realize I have absolutely nothing to talk about. But I need to write posts! Why do you forsake me, August? September should … Continue reading

The Top 10 downloadable games for PS3 and Xbox 360.

About a week back I made a list of the Top 9 games so far of 08′, but I purposefully left off any of the myriad of download only games available on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Why did I do that? Well, so I could make this list. The rules of the list … Continue reading

Madden: Early Impressions

The day that Madden was released each year used to be much more of a holiday to me than it is now. I’m not sure if my interest in football games has waned in the face of other genres or if the series has just been going down the pooper since its jumped to this … Continue reading

The Top 9 Games of 08, thus far…

I like lists. Lists are fun, they are usually a good read also, though one hardly ever agrees with them. But maybe that is the fun in them, that as a reader you are constantly going “well I would put this here, and that there, and this dude is a freakin’ idiot.” So, first, I … Continue reading

The dead of summer

So it’s August 1, 2008… and I’m sitting here thinking to myself “self, you should write a blog post.” So my incredibly gifted mind was like “dude, you should preview the big games coming out in August.” I know, I’m groundbreaking with my thinking. Where else can you find ideas so OUT THERE!?!?? I headed … Continue reading

E3 Underload

Well now that the dust has settled on E3, I figured it was time to comment on it, but the problem is that I didn’t know exactly how I felt about it.   In fact, I still don’t.   There are some things that are clear to me, mainly that Nintendo is going so far in a … Continue reading

Holiday weekend roundup

Kotaku is reporting that Microsoft is readying a price drop on the Xbox 360.  Evidently some intrepid Gamestop employee snapped photos of some sort of invoice with his cell phone camera.  A price drop makes sense, it’s been a while since there has been one, and it will force Sony to do the same with … Continue reading

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